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The Answers You Need

What is a PEV?

A PEV is a Personal Electric Vehicle. There are 5 main types of PEVs: Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters, Electric Skateboards, Electric Unicycles, and Onewheels.

Do I need experience to ride?

No experience required. Beginners are welcome! However, some PEVS have more of a learning curve than others. Here's some estimated learning curves:

- Electric Skateboards: ~30 min - 1 hour (without experience) | 0-30 min (with skateboarding experience)

- Electric Scooters: ~0-15 min

- Electric Bike: ~1 hour (without experience) | 0-15 min (with bike experience)

- Onewheel: ~1-2 hours (without experience)

- Electric Unicycle: ~2-3 hours (without experience - LESSONS REQUIRED) | 15-30 min (with unicylce expereince)

Is there a group I can ride with?

Riding with others is the best! Reach out to your local branch about group rides & events in your city.

Also check out the events page for bigger events across the country!

You aren't in my city! :(

We wish we were too. We're still growing, but let us know what city you're in and we can let you know when we're able to open a store there!

Do you also sell and service PEVs?

Yes! We offer rentals, sales, and servies.

Is that a dog riding a Onewheel?

Yes, that's Mowgli.





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